General Benefits of Massage

By Suzie Bush

The general benefits of massage during race/sport season include faster muscle recovery, increased tissue regeneration, increased oxygen and nutrients into tissues, reduced fascial adhesion’s to decrease muscle cramping, improved circulation and increased immune system.

All of the above mentioned can only lead to a better performing athlete. With faster muscle recovery you will not only feel better but be able to keep on your schedule with less fatigue and muscle soreness. Improved circulation keeps your muscles functioning they way you need them to in endurance races. When training for IM’s, marathons and sports tournaments your body is naturally in an over trained state – massage can help keep your immune system strong so you don’t get sick in those critical weeks just before your race or game.

Massage also helps with quality of sleep -reducing the dreaded taper jitters and not to mention decrease anxiety –unless I’m playing some crazy rock and roll song…but thank goodness for Pandora in the office!!

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