Stinking Water Bottles

By Suzie Bush

Ok, this is not a massage related tip. Just a general ‘get a little more time out of your water bottle tip’.

I’ve heard time and time again of my clients complaining they just found their favorite water bottle under the seat of their car or in the bottom of that huge workout bag… which has been missing for weeks , half filled with some recovery or protein drink sitting in the hot summer sun. Gross….almost gross enough to just trash- but remember it’s your favorite bottle!!

To remedy the green and other unmentionables growing in there – run to the store and pick up some Efferdent tables in the toothpaste isle– or go take that long overdue visit to your denture wearing grandpa and get a few tablets (and brownie points for the visit) from him.

Ok, I can’t give you any advise on dealing with the opening and first pungent rinse of your bottle– you’re on your own. But you are an athlete and have endured worse smells!!

Once you’ve gotten past the first rinse its simple. Fill your bottle with warm water and drop in 1-2 Efferdent or any other brand denture cleaning tablets. Put the top back on…but get this its Important…open the mouth piece to alleviate the pressure build up, it is effervescent. This also allows the bubbling solution to seep and flow into and out of the mouthpiece– which may be as green as the bottle. Leave it in the sink for as little as an hour to as long as a day. Rinse it out, let dry and its ready to go when you are.

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